TT-Toolbox 2.2.

TT-Toolbox (TT=Tensor Train) Ver­sion 2.2

TT(Tensor Train) for­mat is an effi­cient way for low-parametric
rep­re­sen­ta­tion of high-dimensional ten­sors. The TT-Toolbox
is a MATLAB imple­men­ta­tion of basic oper­a­tions with
ten­sors in TT-format. It includes:

* tt_tensor and tt_matrix classes for stor­ing vec­tors and oper­a­tors
* Basic lin­ear alge­bra sub­rou­tines (addi­tion, matrix-by-vector prod­uct,
ele­men­t­wise mul­ti­pli­ca­tion and many oth­ers) using stan­dard MATLAB syn­tax,
lin­ear com­plex­ity in the dimen­sion, reshape func­tion
* Fast round­ing pro­ce­dure with a pre­scribed accu­racy
* Advanced approx­i­ma­tion and solu­tion techniques:

* Approx­i­mate solu­tion of lin­ear sys­tems and eigen­value prob­lems
* Cross meth­ods to approx­i­mate “black-box” ten­sors
* Wavelet ten­sor train decomposition

* Con­struc­tion of basic oper­a­tors and func­tions (Laplace oper­a­tor, func­tion of a TT-tensor)
* Com­pu­ta­tion of max­i­mal and min­i­mal ele­ments of a ten­sor
* and sev­eral others

New in Ver­sion 2.2

* Bet­ter doc­u­men­ta­tion
* Mixed QTT-Tucker for­mat (qtt_tucker class)
* reshape func­tion for a TT-tensor/TT-matrix
* dmrg_cross method for black-box ten­sor approx­i­ma­tion
* Con­vo­lu­tion in QTT-format

 You can get it here: TT-Toolbox 2.2.

If you are inter­ested in get­ting the cur­rent “devel­op­ment” ver­sion of the Tool­box, take a look at the github repos­i­tory

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